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Nail fungus or onychomycosis is a problem that occurs Zetaclear Review when a finger or more are infected with a fungus. The visual symptoms gradually becomes more obvious with the progress of the discomfort and in severe cases can lead to the removal by surgery of the nail itself. However, there are some natural remedies and some daily practices to intervene in milder cases or as prevention activities.

The process of infection of nail fungus involves the initial "staining" white or yellowish nail, with possible thickening and increased fragility of the same. It can affect the fingers of both feet of the hands, although the latter are usually less affected by the phenomenon compared to the lower extremities.

Onychomycosis can become very annoying if the fungus that infected the nail pitfall is the bottom of the same, increasing both the painful symptoms that a visual one. Here are some natural remedies that will allow you to relieve the symptoms and intervene in milder cases. Appropriate in these cases the consultation with your doctor, so as not to underestimate the problem and assess any specific contraindications to its case.